Jersey & gold

Insight jean jacket AmericanApparel purple sweater thrifted gold shirt Active black skinny’s ZARA boots Zach’s hat UrbanO backpack ShopTheGallaxy necklace Rayban glasses Around 3pm yesterday I entered the state of New Jersey in the hopes to see a fist-pumping guido, but was let down. In no way am I stereotyping the whole state but it’s only well-known for one thing these days, and we all know what that is. I was strolling around with cris, walking aside the colossal factories plastered with graffiti, and metro underpasses lined with debris. I felt right at home with my urban ensemble. Adding royal touches of burgundy and gold gave a Shakespearian-era throwback. 10 blocks later we found ourselves at the local, sought-after Brazilian hamburger joint called “Hamburgao” I tried to order the most americanized dish possible, for familiarity (I’m not the biggest fan of trying new things) yet I still ended up with a beef-ham-mozerella-mayo-corn-potato chips-vegetable burger. And you know what? it was DELICIOUS. After the feast we proceeded onward to a small pastry market where we consumed strawberry shortcakes and cheesecake swirls. We jokingly say we have a tapeworm due to our constant food intake but in all reality, the New York … Continue reading Jersey & gold