Galla takes Colorado 1

Viparo jacket BenSherman jeans Zara boots AmericanApparel flannel 80spurple sunnies To quote my own instagram “tranquility takes form in golden foliage & mountain breeze”  I awoke this morning to light beams bending through cracks of the shutters welcoming my arrival to the wonderful rocky mountain state of Colorado. We got ready, ate some danishes’s & out the door we went en route to the Coors Factory in Golden. Upon arrival we noticed the large basins & towers, which were used for mixing the brew & ultimately creating the wonderful drink we ALL know to be, beer. The tour was a couple hours, informing us of very interesting information as well as granting us a couple of free glasses of their freshest brew. My favorite was the Blue Moon Pumpkin, appropriate for the season as well as jam packed with flavor. The evening following didn’t even hold a sober note seeing as we celebrated my aunts birthday at the local pub. 3 cosmos, 2 gummy bear shots, 1 jollyrancher & 2 ‘altered paradise’s’ later..I was ready for bed. All in all, a great day AND open arms from colorado. more to come…of course. GALLA Follow @iamgalla