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As New York gets cold and the days get shorter, I find ways to escape the brisk streets and warm up with a good book and a glass of whiskey*. Inspiration starts to come from the aesthetic of my surroundings. In these spaces where it’s easy to lose track of time, it’s only right that I’m accompanied by a classic timepiece. One that always brings me back to reality yet continues to provide an artistic appeal was created by a visionary himself, Carl F. Bucherer.

In 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a jewelry and watch shop in Lucerne where he combined quality and originality with time. Lucerne is a place of unique beauty whose rough and fierce nature shaped the character of a timepiece that completes the look of a confident, elegant man. The brand continues to expand the fine art of watchmaking while keeping the innovative culture and conceptual finesse of the original movement.

The authentic design of The Manero Flyback brings the deeply rooted cosmopolitan and tradition of Lucerne to my modern day New York. Reminding me of the importance of craftsmanship and being comfortable with getting lost within my own creativity.



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